Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Video at Fundraiser

Here's the second half of the video that played at the fundraiser for those who didn't get to see it. (The first half was the "Come Home" video that we've posted previously.)


Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

What a beautiful Video! Plus a Strong, Brave, Amazing Warrior in that Small spirit!

Go get 'Em Faye!!!

I wish I lived closer, because I would have loved to be apart of the wonderful Fundraiser and 5k today. Because we are clear in Nevada, we did our own 5k today in YOUR honor!

Prayers and ((hugs))

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

ohhhh! i love the video! never having met miss faye but checking on her most everyday, it was so fun to see her bursting personality in action! miss faye you are so special! your magnificent spirit radiates from your little cancer fighting body! cancer is no match for you spunky girl! keep smiling and fighting and we'll keep praying for you!

Piano Mom said...

It made me cry when you said someone paid for the birthday cake. People are so kind. It is those moments when you really feel loved and know that you are being looked out for during this difficult time.

Thanks so much for sharing these precious pictures, it's sort of like we're celebrating with you.