Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally FIVE and getting used to this stuff!

This post Should have been posted 2 months ago....wrote it...just never posted it! 

You have got to be kidding me....look at all that hair! 

Remember her birthday last year?

Doesnt even look like her!  Just a few days before this her eyes were basically swollen shut!  This is on the uphill!

This year couldnt have been more different!  Faye wanted to go swimming! 

Then we came home opened some presents!

And ate some ice cream cake! Fayes request!

This girl is amazing!  She is doing so well!  We feel very grateful.  Last year on her birthday we were willing to do whatever for her, because we didnt know how the next year was going to go!  I remember really having those thoughts, what if she doesnt make it to her next birthday?  But the reality of it, is that some kids wont make it to their 5th birthday!  We couldnt feel more blessed, and grateful for this beautiful girl!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Long Overdue!

I have many other things to post about, but I always get behind, and then don't post anything!  This blog I feel more weight on my shoulders to say something amazing!  So I did write a post about Fayes birthday, but I did not feel it was amazing enough to post!  Silly I know!  Sometime this week I will just click that little publish button and call it a day!  I don't know why I get such anxiety about it!

I guess no news is good news right!  We are happy to report Faye is doing amazing!  In about a week it will be one year from when she got to come home!  HOLY COW right!  We could not be happier with the way everything is working out, and how well she is doing!  

She started Kindergarten yesterday!  It is such a bittersweet moment!  We are so excited for her to be in Kindergarten!  Especially since a year and a half ago we didn't have a clue as to where our lives would be at this point!  So sending her off to school was super exciting!  It is always sad to send your kids off to school, it means they are getting too big, but at the same is exciting to see this little girl grow up and pass all those darn cancer milestones she will be passing!
 She wanted her hair in pigtails for the first day of school!  At first I was bummed, because I wanted to be able to do her hair in some cute way for the first day of school!  But then I realized having her hair long enough to put into cute little pigtails is perfect for her!
 Her sweet teacher Mrs. Cook!  She seems so nice, and we are excited for Faye to have her.
 Sitting at this desk she seems way to grown up!  She was right ready to go....sat right down in her seat and was ready to begin!
 Day two!  Just had to snap a quick shot, cuz she looked so darn adorable!  Do you love her pose as much as I do?   Look at all that hair!  I still cannot believe how fast it is growing in! 
So heres to going to school!  I will get you updated with everything else Faye has been doing!  Especially now her and Mitchell are in school!  No excuses anymore right!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

With a Heavy Heart.....

This Sweet Boy........

 Loves some of those Grandmas Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Aidan McSpadden forever changed my mind, my heart and my faith.  I first met his mother, Kelli McSpadden the first week Faye was diagnosed, I was sitting in the room with Faye, (in that first week you feel like you are spinning, you know you have to fight through all of this unknown, and you tell yourself you are going to be strong, you are going to fight with every fiber of your being!)  But until you meet another Mom who was in your position at one point, you are unsure if it is possible!  Some of the nurses on the 9th floor sent Kelli to talk to me, she had stopped by to visit, at that time Aidan was done with treatments.  Aidan was also diagnosed with AML, he had finished his 5 rounds of treatments and was at home at the time.  When Aidan was diagnosed his mom was pregnant with their second son.  So while Aidan was in the hospital being treated for cancer, Kelli and Jared went and delivered another baby.  I cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of strain that had to put on them, their minds, and bodies being pulled in so many directions.  I was grateful to talk to Kelli because I felt like I could relate to her, seeing her and talking to her realizing that it could be done and I could come out of this a stronger person because of it.  Because I saw Kelli at that time and she was strong, she was in no way misleading, I could tell from her it was going to be a trial, but I felt it was something we could do!  Little did I know how much strength I would gain from the McSpadden family.  

At the End of July 2011 Faye and I were wandering the halls, when I saw a door decorated for Aidan.  I saw his mom in the room, I didn't go talk to her I didn't know if she even remembered me.  And I didn't know what to say.  Aidan had relapsed, a mothers worst nightmare!  So yet again they were back on the 9th floor.  The new plan was to get Aidan in remission, find a bone marrow match, and  take him to transplant.  

While on the 9th floor, Aidan introduced us to the Butterfly Garden!  Faye and Aidan had the greatest time here in the Butterfly Garden!
Aidans first round of chemo to get rid of the cancer again they found was
not working, I talked to Kelli after this happened, and she said "If I
hear the words reevaluate again I am going to scream"
This is the day we were going home for good!  We had finished our treatments.  Coincidentally this day was also the same day Aidan was headed down to get a bone marrow biopsy to see if the chemo was working.  I remember very vividly these moments.  I remember saying our goodbys, and I remember closing the door and crying into Nicks arms hoping and praying that Aidan and his family were going to receive some good news that afternoon.
 Best Friends!  these two thoroughly enjoyed each other.  They would go on walks through the halls with each other, they would play "Guess Who I Am"  and of course my most favorite Aidan memory ever was hearing his little voice yell "Miss Faye"  down the hall, when he would come wandering to our room looking for her!  
I could just squeeze this little boy, he took a piece of my heart from the first moment I met him.  

At that time the McSpaddens received the news the chemo was working, and they would prepare to go to transplant.  Aidan made it through transplant, and also was able to be home, but in March of this year he again relapsed.  His new marrow was strong enough to get rid of the cancer, but also it was strong enough to fight off everything else.  

A few weeks ago we were able to go visit Aidan and his mom and the 9th floor.  His mom said he was sleeping for most of the day, and couldnt keep anything in on either end.  I made him some t-shirts that snapped on both shoulders, so it would be easier to be hooked up to the IV tower.  Poor Aidan you could tell he was not himself,  it was nice to talk to his Mom, she again seemed so strong.  

Here he is wearing one of the shirts we took him.  He didn't say much when we were there, but Kelli texted me this picture not soon after we left telling us that he just had to put that shirt on right as he saw it. 

But  on May 4th I received a text, and a post went up on Aidans facebook page "Aidan is now eternally cancer free. Today at 3 pm he took his last
breath here on earth. His breathing issues worsened over night and his
organs began to shut down. He is in heaven tonight looking down on us
and smiling because he will no longer have to suffer. We love you to the
moon and back little angel. Rest in peace." ~ Kelli McSpadden

Sharing this news with Faye I was reminded of the innocence of children.  I told her Aidan had passed away, her reply was "Oh so he is not in the hospital anymore!" I told her he was not going to be with his Mom and Dad anymore, that he went up to heaven to live with Jesus.  I also explained to her that one day though his family would get to be together again one day.  It didn't quite click with her!  But it was something that needed explained to her! 

This afternoon Faye and I will attend his funeral, also when I told Faye we were going to see Aidans Mommy and Daddy tomorrow, Fayes response was "Are we going to go to the Butterfly Garden?"

So dear sweet Aidan you have stolen our hearts, may we forever remember you, keep you in our hearts and spread the joy you so freely shared with us!  And make sure you eat all the Double Chocolate Chip Cookies your heart desires, and play in all the Butterfly Gardens for as long as you want!

And to those of you reading this we ask that you keep the McSpadden family in your prayers and thoughts.  Because I cannot even begin to comprehend the amount of strength this new chapter in their lives will need!

Here is a link to his obituary: Aidan

Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Year Ago Today.....

 I have been writing this post so many times in my head!  I have changed what I wanted to say, tried to figure out what I wanted to share, and what I wanted to leave out!  And finally when it came down to it, it is something I feel needs to be shared!  I don't know if this is for Faye later on in life, or there is someone out there that needs to hear this!  Hopefully it all makes sense and serves a purpose, if not for anything else, but to finally get this all off my chest!

Last year when everything was going on I felt a whirlwind of emotions, so much going on, and Nick and I were trying to figure out how we were going to do this!  We had a brand new baby, and a little girl that we were convinced something more serious was wrong, although we kept getting the advice that she was fine and that it was just growing pains.  So here you go, as long as this may be, I need to share with you my side of the story.......Random Nick comments and additions in blue. 
Leading up to everything:
In December we were lucky enough to go back to Utah to visit Family!  Three days before Christmas Faye started complaining about her knees hurting.  At a Christmas party she had got hurt while playing with cousins and said she hurt her legs.  We just thought it was something to do with that.   Over the next few days she would not walk at all, constantly wanted her legs rubbed, and since it was two days before Christmas we decided to take her into the ER (which is where our insurance being out of state told us to take her). In the ER they ran x-rays and found that nothing was broken or anything.  The doctor told us it was probably a virus and sometimes when you get a virus it can concentrate at the joint.  He sent us home told us to give her some Advil, and if it didn't go away in a day or two to come back.  Well luckily enough she was able to walk again after the Advil, but something just was not the same.   She wouldn't run anymore, and a task as easy as climbing onto her bed seemed like a chore for her, she just did not have the same amount of power in her legs.  Christmas came and went everything was fine.  When we got back to Texas she kept getting sick. At the same time Nick had just gotten offered a job in College Station (where we already were)  and our options were: continue doing more schooling, or graduate and accept this job (although not in his field).  We prayed about it, and decided taking this job was the right thing to do for our family!  With a new job came new insurance.  The insurance was not going to kick in until April first for Mitchell and Faye!  So although Faye was getting a little sick it just seemed more like cold symptoms and we weren't too worried about it!  But as time went on she would complain more and more about her legs.  We were trying to wait it out until insurance kicked in.  (While in hindsight thinking about it now, I don't know why we didn't take her to the doctor sooner, but looking back now I think everything happened how it needed to).  Finally at one point she got this cough, and she wasn't able to cough because her legs hurt so bad.  She would just look like she was in so much pain, and we felt so bad for her!  We would spend night after night in her room, rubbing her knees all night long, and during the day constantly, it was the only way she seemed comforted!  I remember one night specifically rubbing her knees and singing to her every primary song I could think of, and church hymn I could remember!  If I would start to sing one I already sung, she would remind me we had already done that one, and I would have to rack my brain for a new one!  She would want carried everywhere we went!  Being 8 months pregnant I was not so excited to carry this little 3...almost 4 year old around!  I would joke about it, and tell people "I guess I deserve this, I didn't walk til I was 18 months old!  I took my first steps when my mom was in the hospital having my younger sister, so my mom had to lug me around her whole pregnancy!  And I was quite the little chunk when I was a baby!"  We would ask friends and family and they told us stories of other kids that had bad growing pains and that it would eventually pass.  I remember sometimes getting so irritated at Faye and not understanding why she wouldn't walk!  Finally one night she was so sick, she was burning up, she was sleeping next to me and Nick in our bed and I woke up to her talking some gibberish and pointing at the sky (I don't think I have ever been more scared in my life up to that point.  Me and my eight month pregnant self grabbed Faye, and hurried and got her in a cold shower.  She was screaming the whole time trying to get away from me but we just sat in the bottom of that shower.  I held her, would not let her go, and I cried!  It was that night, I knew something was terribly wrong. Nick and I looked at each other, and knew insurance or not we needed to get her to the doctor!  So the next day first thing in the morning we called the doctor, and took Faye in!  Nick and I that morning wracked our brains and wrote down all the information we knew up to that point, hoping we could help the doctor figure out what was wrong with our sweet girl!  Here is our list of everything we could think of:

Nick and I laugh now about some of our thoughts...If only it was she needed better shoes, or that she might need to wear some braces to straighten out her legs!  

We took her to the pediatrician, he told us "here is an antibiotic, lets get rid of that cough, and then we will see what we can figure out about her legs."  And he sent us on our way!  Once we had gotten rid of the cough...that weekend was Opening Ceremonies (for Mitchells T-Ball, they do it up big here in Texas).  After the ceremonies Nick went to find Mitchell, and Faye and I were slowly making our way to the car through the crowd!  I overheard two ladies talking.  One was talking about her son and said that he had just went to the doctor for some reason or the other and the doctor thought he might have leukemia because of the bruises up and down his legs!  I have to be honest my heart stopped for a second...Faye had bruises up and down her legs, but hadn't been running or jumping, or playing like normal little kids to be able to get those bruises!  I kept that little piece of information to myself.  I thought for sure there was no way, and tucked that information into the back of my mind! 
Here she is at opening ceremonies! 
I only attach this next picture, because it is the last time I was able to really do her hair!  And I was quite proud of how it turned out! 
Opening ceremonies was on a Saturday, and the next day the 3rd, I went into labor, that night we went into the hospital I labored all night, the pain wasn't too bad, but I wasn't progressing!  And Nixon just was not dropping.  So that following morning my doctor came in and decided since Nixon was measuring so much bigger than my other two babies and through the whole night nothing really had changed, he decided it would be best to have a C- Section!  I was scared, I wanted to try and have this baby on my own, but my doctor was concerned, and Nick and I talked for a second, and decided this would be what was best!  So before I knew it I was in the operating room, having a baby! 
While in the hospital in my room there was a whole other bed there, I don't know if it was for the dads, or what not.  But during the day, Mitchell would be at school, and Nick and Faye would come see me.  Faye would lay on that bed all day long, just laying there or sleeping!  She was so pale.  

We had decided before having Nixon that we were not happy with our current pediatrician, and that we needed to get a new one, for Nixon and Faye to go to.  So that Friday we took Nixon for his newborn checkup, and had Faye get checked out by our new Dr.  Dr Pierce!  

She was wonderful, she  listened to everything we had to say, and one of her first thoughts was that Faye might have a vitamin D deficiency!  So she sent us to go get blood taken and into get some x-rays to cover our bases!

Here is Faye one year ago today!  Nicks Dad was visiting to see Nixon, and it just so happened to also be his birthday! This was after the Dr visit!  This day was a pretty good day for Faye!  (Isn't that how it goes when you go to the Dr.? They have all these problems until you see the Dr, then they are fine!)  Nicks Dad had taken Faye to Chuck E Cheese while Mitchell was at school! You can't see in this picture, but she has pokes on both arms!  The person taking her blood, was not very good at all, I waited in the waiting room, but I could hear her screaming, Nick was back there with her, and when he came out, I remember him not being happy at all with how they treated his little girl!
The very next morning!  We got a call from the Hospital, telling us to get Faye tot he ER right away.  Based on her levels she shouldn't even be moving!  I was close to completely freaking out at this point.  No doctor calls you on a Saturday and tells you to go to the ER.  My assessment = no bueno.  Nick took Faye to the hospital and I waited at home with the boys for some news and to hear what was going to be happening next!  
Nick said they took her blood again to be sure what they were seeing was not a lab error.  A doctor came into Nick and said what Faye had they would not be able to treat her there and they would have to take her to another hospital. They gave him three options and wanted Nick to choose!  But they wouldn't tell him what was wrong with her or give him any advice as to which hospital would be best to treat what she had. I was pretty upset they wouldn't give any sort of indication as to which would be the best place to take her.  I know nothing about any of the hospitals or what she might have. The more I talked with them the more angry I got with him.  The doctor left and gave Nick a moment to think about it.  A nurse came in and said "I don't want to be the one to tell you this but Faye most likely has leukemia and you are going to want to be at Texas Children's.  I remember that moment very well because in the two minutes immediately after she said that I lost about 28 pounds in tears.  I was so scared and just sat there holding Faye bawling my eyes out.  All I could think of was to wonder how much more time we had with Faye and however much it was wouldn't be enough.  The nurse was so sweet as she sat there and put her arm around me and Faye.  She asked if it would be alright to pray for us.  I nodded yes and she offered a prayer.  When she finished she asked if there was a pastor or someone she could call for me.  My mind was all over the place and I uttered bishop Garlick's name. The bishop came quickly and watched me cry for what seemed like a few more hours.  He calmed me down and helped me give her a blessing.  Stacey didn't know anything yet because I was too scared to call and tell her.  I did not want to tell a mom who just had a baby less than a week ago that her little girl had cancer.  The bishop was great and had me practice calling Stacey just stating the facts and not getting ahead of ourselves.  Nick called me to tell me they were taking Faye down to Texas Children's (Nick seeing Faye go trough all of this, and having to hold her alone and receive all of this information...and her being his little girl!  He was kind of a mess, which who wouldn't be?), and that I should come to the hospital, bring Nick some stuff, and send them on their way in the ambulance (Mitchell is still upset he wasn't able to ride in the ambulance)!  I went down there, and when I walked in the room, Nick just looked at me and began crying.  the doctor walked in, and sat me down, looked into my eyes and said: "Most likely she has leukemia!"  I didn't really show much emotion!  I think it was because I had seen what my little girl had been through up to this point, and I was just ready to get her fixed!  Or I don't know if I had been prepared for this information!  The doctors were not telling us for sure that is what it was....they told us worse case scenario that is what it case it is just some virus!   
 Here they are at opening ceremonies last weekend:
And today! 

I have so much more to share, and express to everyone, but I think for now this is enough!  What a year it has been!  Who knew this day would ever come?

Friday, March 9, 2012

6 Months

As you can see we decided to really live it up, and for our six month celebration got everything updated on this blog!  If you haven't noticed there are quite a few new posts.
We cannot believe we have been home for 6 months already.  Which means we have been home one month longer than we were in, and the exact amount of time they told us we would be spending in the hospital when everything started!  The doctor told us we should have a big celebration for every six months we make it free and clear of cancer!
We are so happy to be all together, and trying to remember and focus on what is really important.  It's amazing how quickly you can get into your old ways and take for granted every moment you have!

So all of you who have supported us, and made this year possible, bearable, and triumphant for this little Meldrum family, hug your sweet families/kids a little tighter, and know we are sending hugs, love and prayers your way just as much as we felt them from all of you!  We could not be more grateful for the friends, family, and strangers (now new friends) we have gained/had support from.

After 11 months of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and night taking this medicine (bactrim) The doctor gave us the okay to be off of it.  So no more medicine for this little girl!  Although she did get quite good at taking it! 

 Still wearing all the hats she was given and dressing up.  Today was Rapunzel complete with frying pan.

 Taken today.  Look at that hair.  We can't believe how fast it is growing back.  The other day I asked her if I could put some gel in it.  At first she was hesitant.  But I finally talked her into it.  Once I had done it she couldn't stop checking her self out in the mirror. 
 A big thumbs up.......yup friends, we have done it!  Six months down.


Our most recent clinic post was delayed a bit.  We really wanted to get the rest of the Make a Wish trip before we added more posts.  I really wish Nick would have come with us to this clinic visit because, unlike the last one, this one took a bit longer!  But Faye handled it well!

Just a bit of coloring!

Some chair spinning waiting for the doctor!
Looking for Princesses!

the doctor visit went great!  Numbers looked good!  And so we were off to visit our friends on the 9th floor!

We were lucky enough to meet this little girl who was one of the recipients of Faye's clothes!  This sweet little girl was diagnosed when she was 8 months old, and is now 4 and has relapsed!  You hate to see things like this, but she seemed to be in good spirits!

Faye was being shy, she didn't want her picture taken!  I am pretty sure I then bribed her with something to get her to smile for the camera!

Faye and nurse Maria.

A nice rain storm for the ride home.
Always good to get another clinic visit with good news behind us. 

Make a Wish Day 7 - headed home

Last day of the trip!  We were so sad our trip was about over but tried to make the most of the morning by enjoying all the perks of the village.  We played with some toys, rode the carousel a few times, and of course made a stop for a little more ice cream. 

Faye's look here sums up our feelings of having to go home.

The attitude quickly changed when they got to go on one last ride...........The airport shuttle! 

And the ever exciting luggage pull. 
We had a few extra hours in Houston with a delay in the flight back to College Station so we had to bust out whatever we could to keep them, and us, from going nuts. 
A last few memories to note that are worth mentioning about the trip that were neglected in other posts: 
  1. When checking our tickets to board the plane the man said "Now, I know one of these kids isn't named Faye.  So where is she?"  He was looking right at her but her short hair didn't give her away as the dainty princess she is.  On top of that many people mistook Nixon for a girl because we were wearing our purple Super Faye shirts. 
  2. When we landed in Orlando Mitchell said: "I will wait to scream until we get in our car!"  He was so excited.  I think we all screamed with excitement once we got in the car. 
  3. Jake (our elf on the shelf) made his way to Orlando and showed up to greet the kids every morning from a new spot in our villa.  The kids had a lot of fun finding him each morning.  He even brought them a gift (Muppets Movie soundtrack) the first morning.  We listened to that every single time we got in the van.  It is still being played pretty much every time we go anywhere. 
This was a very special time for all of us and one we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We are so grateful to Make a Wish and Chi-O for helping make this happen for Faye and our family.  We will forever be blessed to have had this time together after such a trying experience. 

Make a Wish Day 6 - Magic Kingdom Round Two!

Day Six started off with a bit of rain!  It wasn't raining when we left the villa, but we heard it might so we stopped at Walmart and grabbed some ponchos fro everyone for $16.  Sure glad we did because when we were at the park we saw someone buying ponchos and spent $35 for three of them!

I thought Faye looked especially cute in hers!
Of course on our last day here, Mitchell and Faye had to ride their "Favorite" ride.  The Magic Carpets!  And visit with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Nixon was okay with just eating his poncho.
It rained for a good part of the morning and was pretty gloomy.  But once it cleared up it turned out to be a very nice day.  
With how strong Faye is, I am surprised she couldn't get this sword out!

A trip to Disney isn't complete without a ride on It's a Small World.  Go ahead and sing the song to yourself.  You know you want to.

Faye took over Nixon duty on this ride. 

This was one of my favorite memories of the ride.  The three of us in this picture were so excited for the tea cups.  The first time we packed the whole family inside a tea cup with some moderate spinning.  Stacey was not too happy with the three of us for spinning her around.  Nixon didn't mind it so much.  He may have even enjoyed it. 

The second time we ditched the two wimps and did some real spinning.  Faye and Mitchell couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't stop laughing at them.  So much fun. 

This is their idea of a good time. Nixon and I had a lot of cuddle time to make up for!  It was so fun this whole trip because when he would get fussy during the day I could just hold him, he would lay on me, and fall asleep for a little bit, get a quick nap in and then be ready to go!

We were just wandering around Fantasyland minding our own business when we got surprised by Stacey's cousin Josh, his wife Stacie, and their cute little girls.  The story went something like this: One of their daughters said: "Look mom!  Faye is here!" 
"No, sweetie that's not Faye.  You are silly."
"Yeah mom, it is Faye.  She's right there." 
Stacie then realized it was Faye and stopped us.   The kids had a great time running around terrorizing Fantasyland for a bit.  Then we all got in line to ride Peter Pan before going our separate ways. It was such a fun surprise.

Mitchell wasn't about to try Thunder Mountain but Faye was ready for an adventure.  She went once with dad and once with mom.  Squealing the entire time with delight. 

One of Faye's adopted princess poses! 

All throughout the park we kept seeing people with these giant turkey legs.  Nick took it upon himself to get one before we left the park.  So I went to feed Nixon, and when I came out I was greeted by Nick, Mitchell, Faye....and a giant Turkey Leg!

We made a pit stop at the Wish Lounge.  They have a room next to the first aid station set aside for wish families to let them rest.  It was set up with TV, books, toys, drinks, and games.  It was nice to let Faye lounge out and Nixon crawl around and explore for a bit. 

We camped out on the curb to wait for the parade.  It sprinkled on us but never go too bad. 

The kids loved the parade.  Lots of princess, princes, and other characters waved and blew kisses to Faye. 

We headed back to Hollywood studios to make good on our promise to watch Fantasmic.  We got there a little early and were able to just sit and have a snack and play around waiting for the show.  The show did not disappoint and the kids were very impressed.  

After the show Faye said she  wanted to go on the "aligator" (Faye speak for elevator) ride.  I had a talk with her to tell her all about it before agreeing to take her.  I told her they try and pretend like it is really scary, they tell you a story, you ride around in the elevator, and then it gets dark and goes up and down really fast.  Her eyes got wide while she looked at me and nodded her head saying "Yeah. I wanna go".  So we went and she loved it.  Such an adventurous little one.  

While they went on the ride Mitchell (the unadventurous one) and I rode Toy Story again.  When Nick and Faye finished they came back to us.  Faye was so excited about the ride that she wanted to go again on it with me!  So Faye and I set off to the tower, leaving the boys to ride toy Story....yet again!  We made the trek to the ride, but when we got there the gate was closed and there was a worker standing there saying they were closed for the night!  I cannot even describe look that Faye got on her face.  She was so disappointed and her eyes got teary!  I grabbed her hand, and we made a slow walk back to the boys.  Her head hung down the whole disappointed she wasn't able to ride it again!

Stacey did a great job of cheering her up and we headed over to Downtown Disney to let them pick out a souvenir.  Faye found a sleeping beauty statue to pose next to. 

So many things to choose from but she narrowed it down to a little princess set but still had a hard time picking only one.  The final decision was a Tangled set. 
Mitchell chose a how to draw Disney characters book and Nixon decided he was too little and didn't need anything because it just wasn't a responsible thing to do.