Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Make a Wish Day 3 Universal Studios

I know you have all been sitting on the edges of your seats waiting to see another exciting day of our trip!  Sorry for the delay!  Day Three (if you missed day one and two you can check them out here) was filled with Super Heros, Wizards, and Whos!  We had a wonderful time at Universal Studios.  Before we went on this trip we had decided that we were going to let the kids control the trip, after all this trip was for them, for everything they had put up with, and everything they had gone through! 
So the second we got into Universal these kids took the map and took charge!

 Walking into all the fun we had to take a minute and pose in front of each animal  and everything they saw...

 "WHO" ville
 (Did you notice Faye...she was excited for this picture!)
 We had a great time in Whoville.  There was a Red Fish Blue Fish ride that you had to listen and follow instructions going up or down to ensure you didnt get wet...little did we know that at the end it was just a guessing game, so we got a little wet to start out with, but it was fun!  And all the Whos they had walking around the park, I got a big kick out of them!
 Then off to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  This was fun, it really looked like you were in the movies! 

And we heard you can't visit without getting some "Butter Beer"  so we tried a frozen "Butter Beer"  it tasted to me somewhat like cream soda...but then again I only got one sip, because these two took it over!  Whos trip is this anyways?
 (I am sure if we would have let him that little guy...or should I say big guy in the side of the picture....would have drank it all too!)
Faye was our little thrill seeker on the trip!  She was all for the roller coasters, and the crazy rides!  She would tell us to hold her tight, but she would giggle and scream through the whole thing!  This little Harry Potter rollercoaster she went on three different times!  (again another reason that little pass we got came in handy)

She was bummed when she wasnt tall enough to ride some of the bigger Roller Coasters..Nick went on the Harry Potter ride, he said it was awesome....ever since I have had kids those crazy motion rides give me a headache after...but it was fun hearing Nick talk about it, it sounded amazing!

Dont ask me even what this is, but Faye needed a picture taken in it!

 (or this)
Of course a minion...our family LOVES Despicable Me!  I cannot even tell you how many times it has been played at our house! 
Their best GRU impersonation 
 Nick and Mitchell went and saw Shrek 3D, so Faye and I had to waste some time...what else is a girl to do, we headed to the candy store and grabbed some chocolate!
And Dora showed up right across the street where we were sitting enjoying our chocolate, Faye was all excited to go meet her, until we actually got there, then she got shy!
 Fievel's playground!  The kids could have stayed here forever! 

Also we went on the ET ride.  I remember it from when I was younger, so I was so excited to take the kids on it with me!  The plan was Mitchell and Faye would both ride the ride with me, and then they would go again with Nick!  Well we went on the ride, and when we got off I asked them "Did you think that was fun?"  They both replied with a very entergetic "YES"  so then I said "are you ready to go again with Dad?"  they quickly responded with "NO"  I guess they didnt think it was as fun as they led me to believe!
Give Kids the World Village gave us a voucher for a photo.  There wasnt really one that had five people in it but we loved what we were able to get with the three kids!  This photo turned out perfect!  The kids get a big kick out of it!

In case you couldnt tell: Mitchell is Shrek, Faye is Fiona, and Nixon is Lord Farquad

We ended the night by going back to the Village and swimming!  Universal was filled with so much stuff, but a lot of it was stuff the kids weren't very interested in or big enough to ride, but we had a great time going swimming!  Relaxing and playing!
Keeping true to her sense of fashion, Faye kept her headband and flower in while swimming.
 Our little Beached Whale!
 Dads are always more fun in the pool! 

When we got back from swimming, showered and comfy, we found faye had made her own little bed and fallen asleep behind one of the chairs! 
I guess the day wore her out more than we thought!
Next up.......Day 4: Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Successful Doctors Visit.....

I know what you are all thinking, wait a minute we missed a few days of a wonderful trip!  Dont worry those posts are coming!  The holidays were a bit overwhelming for me this year, I wasnt quite prepared for the holidays and it became too much!  I didnt feel like I was enjoying myself as much as I should and felt there was too much to do.  So the blog posts got left for a New Year! 
But we had a wonderful holiday!  On Christmas Eve the kids graced us with a bike of the perks of being in Texas!   
 Mitchell and Faye were feeling charitable so they wrapped up "the old toys they didnt want to give to Nick and I" 

All ready for Church!
Christmas was wonderful, Faye is so funny! It was fun hearing her sing her favorite christmas songs around the house...or at least one line of them:
Do you See an Icee
Joy to the Prophet
Tis the season to be here
We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy to you

 On the 27th we took a visit to the doctor!  She is being brave right here, but about two secodns later it was time to really get the poke in her finger...we are still working on being brave! But who can blame the girl?
WBC: 3.52  (4.88 last time)
HGB: 13.6 (13.9)
Platelets: 181 (163)
ANC: 1610 (2870)
Monos: 10.8 (7.4)
The fact that everything is a little lower from last time makes us a bit nervous, but the doctor said she looks great!  I did tell the doctor that she constantly has a runny nose, so the doctor said that that could be a reason why her White Blood Count is lower this time, because her body is trying to fight something off, so its lower because its working harder.  So we will take it as another succesful month down!

Two days after the doctors visit we had a bit of an accident!  On the 29th she was running in the driveway and took a spill!  Getting cleaned was no fun, and she kept getting upset because "Nixon kept getting her"  It scabbed up pretty good, and she kept telling us that when she blinked really hard "like this" and would show us what she hurt, made us laugh every time!  Luckily it healed quickly, and she is good as new! 

Like I said Trip pictures are coming, dont worry, I am excited to share them with you!  And share more of our trip!  Its fun to look at all the pictures and relive those wonderful memories!