Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Friday, March 9, 2012

6 Months

As you can see we decided to really live it up, and for our six month celebration got everything updated on this blog!  If you haven't noticed there are quite a few new posts.
We cannot believe we have been home for 6 months already.  Which means we have been home one month longer than we were in, and the exact amount of time they told us we would be spending in the hospital when everything started!  The doctor told us we should have a big celebration for every six months we make it free and clear of cancer!
We are so happy to be all together, and trying to remember and focus on what is really important.  It's amazing how quickly you can get into your old ways and take for granted every moment you have!

So all of you who have supported us, and made this year possible, bearable, and triumphant for this little Meldrum family, hug your sweet families/kids a little tighter, and know we are sending hugs, love and prayers your way just as much as we felt them from all of you!  We could not be more grateful for the friends, family, and strangers (now new friends) we have gained/had support from.

After 11 months of every Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning and night taking this medicine (bactrim) The doctor gave us the okay to be off of it.  So no more medicine for this little girl!  Although she did get quite good at taking it! 

 Still wearing all the hats she was given and dressing up.  Today was Rapunzel complete with frying pan.

 Taken today.  Look at that hair.  We can't believe how fast it is growing back.  The other day I asked her if I could put some gel in it.  At first she was hesitant.  But I finally talked her into it.  Once I had done it she couldn't stop checking her self out in the mirror. 
 A big thumbs up.......yup friends, we have done it!  Six months down.


Our most recent clinic post was delayed a bit.  We really wanted to get the rest of the Make a Wish trip before we added more posts.  I really wish Nick would have come with us to this clinic visit because, unlike the last one, this one took a bit longer!  But Faye handled it well!

Just a bit of coloring!

Some chair spinning waiting for the doctor!
Looking for Princesses!

the doctor visit went great!  Numbers looked good!  And so we were off to visit our friends on the 9th floor!

We were lucky enough to meet this little girl who was one of the recipients of Faye's clothes!  This sweet little girl was diagnosed when she was 8 months old, and is now 4 and has relapsed!  You hate to see things like this, but she seemed to be in good spirits!

Faye was being shy, she didn't want her picture taken!  I am pretty sure I then bribed her with something to get her to smile for the camera!

Faye and nurse Maria.

A nice rain storm for the ride home.
Always good to get another clinic visit with good news behind us. 

Make a Wish Day 7 - headed home

Last day of the trip!  We were so sad our trip was about over but tried to make the most of the morning by enjoying all the perks of the village.  We played with some toys, rode the carousel a few times, and of course made a stop for a little more ice cream. 

Faye's look here sums up our feelings of having to go home.

The attitude quickly changed when they got to go on one last ride...........The airport shuttle! 

And the ever exciting luggage pull. 
We had a few extra hours in Houston with a delay in the flight back to College Station so we had to bust out whatever we could to keep them, and us, from going nuts. 
A last few memories to note that are worth mentioning about the trip that were neglected in other posts: 
  1. When checking our tickets to board the plane the man said "Now, I know one of these kids isn't named Faye.  So where is she?"  He was looking right at her but her short hair didn't give her away as the dainty princess she is.  On top of that many people mistook Nixon for a girl because we were wearing our purple Super Faye shirts. 
  2. When we landed in Orlando Mitchell said: "I will wait to scream until we get in our car!"  He was so excited.  I think we all screamed with excitement once we got in the car. 
  3. Jake (our elf on the shelf) made his way to Orlando and showed up to greet the kids every morning from a new spot in our villa.  The kids had a lot of fun finding him each morning.  He even brought them a gift (Muppets Movie soundtrack) the first morning.  We listened to that every single time we got in the van.  It is still being played pretty much every time we go anywhere. 
This was a very special time for all of us and one we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We are so grateful to Make a Wish and Chi-O for helping make this happen for Faye and our family.  We will forever be blessed to have had this time together after such a trying experience. 

Make a Wish Day 6 - Magic Kingdom Round Two!

Day Six started off with a bit of rain!  It wasn't raining when we left the villa, but we heard it might so we stopped at Walmart and grabbed some ponchos fro everyone for $16.  Sure glad we did because when we were at the park we saw someone buying ponchos and spent $35 for three of them!

I thought Faye looked especially cute in hers!
Of course on our last day here, Mitchell and Faye had to ride their "Favorite" ride.  The Magic Carpets!  And visit with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Nixon was okay with just eating his poncho.
It rained for a good part of the morning and was pretty gloomy.  But once it cleared up it turned out to be a very nice day.  
With how strong Faye is, I am surprised she couldn't get this sword out!

A trip to Disney isn't complete without a ride on It's a Small World.  Go ahead and sing the song to yourself.  You know you want to.

Faye took over Nixon duty on this ride. 

This was one of my favorite memories of the ride.  The three of us in this picture were so excited for the tea cups.  The first time we packed the whole family inside a tea cup with some moderate spinning.  Stacey was not too happy with the three of us for spinning her around.  Nixon didn't mind it so much.  He may have even enjoyed it. 

The second time we ditched the two wimps and did some real spinning.  Faye and Mitchell couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't stop laughing at them.  So much fun. 

This is their idea of a good time. Nixon and I had a lot of cuddle time to make up for!  It was so fun this whole trip because when he would get fussy during the day I could just hold him, he would lay on me, and fall asleep for a little bit, get a quick nap in and then be ready to go!

We were just wandering around Fantasyland minding our own business when we got surprised by Stacey's cousin Josh, his wife Stacie, and their cute little girls.  The story went something like this: One of their daughters said: "Look mom!  Faye is here!" 
"No, sweetie that's not Faye.  You are silly."
"Yeah mom, it is Faye.  She's right there." 
Stacie then realized it was Faye and stopped us.   The kids had a great time running around terrorizing Fantasyland for a bit.  Then we all got in line to ride Peter Pan before going our separate ways. It was such a fun surprise.

Mitchell wasn't about to try Thunder Mountain but Faye was ready for an adventure.  She went once with dad and once with mom.  Squealing the entire time with delight. 

One of Faye's adopted princess poses! 

All throughout the park we kept seeing people with these giant turkey legs.  Nick took it upon himself to get one before we left the park.  So I went to feed Nixon, and when I came out I was greeted by Nick, Mitchell, Faye....and a giant Turkey Leg!

We made a pit stop at the Wish Lounge.  They have a room next to the first aid station set aside for wish families to let them rest.  It was set up with TV, books, toys, drinks, and games.  It was nice to let Faye lounge out and Nixon crawl around and explore for a bit. 

We camped out on the curb to wait for the parade.  It sprinkled on us but never go too bad. 

The kids loved the parade.  Lots of princess, princes, and other characters waved and blew kisses to Faye. 

We headed back to Hollywood studios to make good on our promise to watch Fantasmic.  We got there a little early and were able to just sit and have a snack and play around waiting for the show.  The show did not disappoint and the kids were very impressed.  

After the show Faye said she  wanted to go on the "aligator" (Faye speak for elevator) ride.  I had a talk with her to tell her all about it before agreeing to take her.  I told her they try and pretend like it is really scary, they tell you a story, you ride around in the elevator, and then it gets dark and goes up and down really fast.  Her eyes got wide while she looked at me and nodded her head saying "Yeah. I wanna go".  So we went and she loved it.  Such an adventurous little one.  

While they went on the ride Mitchell (the unadventurous one) and I rode Toy Story again.  When Nick and Faye finished they came back to us.  Faye was so excited about the ride that she wanted to go again on it with me!  So Faye and I set off to the tower, leaving the boys to ride toy Story....yet again!  We made the trek to the ride, but when we got there the gate was closed and there was a worker standing there saying they were closed for the night!  I cannot even describe look that Faye got on her face.  She was so disappointed and her eyes got teary!  I grabbed her hand, and we made a slow walk back to the boys.  Her head hung down the whole disappointed she wasn't able to ride it again!

Stacey did a great job of cheering her up and we headed over to Downtown Disney to let them pick out a souvenir.  Faye found a sleeping beauty statue to pose next to. 

So many things to choose from but she narrowed it down to a little princess set but still had a hard time picking only one.  The final decision was a Tangled set. 
Mitchell chose a how to draw Disney characters book and Nixon decided he was too little and didn't need anything because it just wasn't a responsible thing to do.  

Make a Wish Day 4 - Animal Kingdom and Epcot!

We started the day off visiting Animal Kingdom. 

Meeting King Louie and Baloo.

We were all pretty excited about going on the Kilimanjaro Safari.  It was pretty amazing to see all of the animals and how they make it seem like you are on a real safari.

Faye had her own personal tour guide (Mitchell) telling her everything she needed to know.  
(Or everything the driver just said repeated back to her)

He would even guide her head in the direction she needed to look.  What a guy.
Mitchell really wanted to see the Flights of Wonder bird show and Faye wasn't interested.  Stacey took Mitchell to the bird show and Faye, Dad, and Nixon took a stroll through the Discovery Island Trails and saw monkeys, bats, tigers, birds, and a lot of areas Faye thought would be great places to take a picture of her. 
Like here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
And here.
And here.

Mitchell then talked the ladies into doing the river rapids ride.  Stacey wasn't too jazzed about getting wet but she was so brave and we were all so proud.   
(And I got SOAKED!!!!! Faye's shoes got wet, and Mitchell had to sit somewhat by himself...needless to say it was not one of the kids favorites once it was over!)

Then we had lunch at the Tusker House to dine with some of the characters.  The food was pretty good with some very exotic choices.  Maybe not the best place for the little ones.  The only thing Faye would eat was a PB&J!  Nevertheless, it was super fun getting to meet some characters and Nixon especially loves trying to grab their noses.

Or try to eat their noses.

After lunch it was off to Epcot.  We left Nixon off to the left in the stroller.  He was just to comfy to disturb and we couldn't pass up a picture in front of the geodesic dome (the giant ball thing)

The first stop was to the Nemo and Friends ride and then on to Turtle Talk with Crush.  There were lots of fish and little aquariums around for the kids to explore while waiting. 

It was LOVE at first sight meeting Minnie Mouse for this little guy!

We didn't get a picture, but right after this Nixon planted a big wet one right on her nose!

Faye and Minnie got along pretty well too.

Minnie was trying to get Faye to pose like her but Faye is about as adventurous with things like that as her mother......don't do anything to help draw attention to yourself out of extreme fear of embarrassment.  Unlike her Father....who is unbelievably comfortable with embarrassment!

Mitchell was all excited to do the Test Track so Faye and I went with him but once we got through the line and about to board the ride he decided he wasn't quite ready to make that commitment and we headed back to find mom and Nixon.  When then attempted to see the Christmas Candlelight Processional narrated by Neil Patrick Harris but we were a little late and the show was full so we decided to call it a night and head back to the village and just hang out.  

At the village you can eat at the restaurant, get take out, eat ice cream for dinner, or order pizza to the villa.  We opted for a pizza night and watched a movie while we rested up for the next day at Hollywood Studios.