Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Faye's Grand Night Out

FAYE IS HOME! If I had any idea our video had this kind of power we would've made a 'Don't Get Sick' video a long time ago! (see previous post to see how this came about.)

Before they knew they would all get to be together at home, Nick and Stacey decided they should take the opportunity of Faye feeling good and not being on any chemo to be together at home. So, Grandma Lori got to stay over for one night at the hospital with Faye! They had a great time.
The hospital has a radio station called Radio Lollipop (that the kids can listen to on TV, go figure!). They brought around this craft for the kids. Then they voted on winners and Faye won a Princess Puzzle award!

The irony of what Faye has to see out her window every day. (You can also see the curved lane out of the parking garage I mention later.)
The next day, waiting for her procedure... So hungry and thirsty!

I'm good to go!

Anytime, now. Let's get this show on the road!

Her Going Home Outfit!

While they were still at the hospital, getting ready to go home, one of Faye's attending doctors introduced Nick to Stuart Holden who plays on the English Premier League... It's only the best soccer league in the world, no big deal. The doc told him how Stuart thinks he's a big ladies man with all the charm. Nick said he had a lady that was a tough egg to crack. So he went back to their room to meet Faye. He was super charismatic and did indeed have all the charm. Apparently our mom and Stacey were swooning! And he had Mitchell from "Are you playing Angry Birds? I have 3 stars on every level!" And Faye? She wouldn't say a word but did look up at him and watch him a little. I love picturing him asking her a direct question and she's just silent! Too funny.

Once they left the 9th floor, the real fun began! Faye was so excited just to see different parts of the hospital. They have to go over a bridge walkway that connects to a different part of the hospital. She was all "Ooooh!"s. And in the car coming out of the parking garage, more "Oooooh!"s bending around the curved lane. And dont forget the first time she saw HEB (a favorite grocery store  in Texas) driving down the freeway!

Bye hospital room!

Riding to the car

Home, here I come!

She fell asleep on the way home, but not before requesting Papa Johns for dinner. And when they got home, it was a party! They stayed up until 11 o'clock playing and enjoying each other's company. Her and Mitchell were so cute together. Mitchell wanted to show her all of his new school things since she's been gone. And they were just so sweet to each other and wanted to play. It was also sweet for Nick and Stacey to see when Nixon was fussy and Faye said, "Just a minute, Mitchell. Just a minute." And she went to Nixon and put his binky back in and said "It's ok buddy." Something that would've happened a hundred times in the last 5 weeks but they're all missing out on.  And without even being asked to, or even expected to Faye has already helped Dad empty the dishwasher, and put away folded clothes of hers.

We all hope Faye and the whole family have a wonderful time at home! And that they will receive enough joy and rest to last them in their next leg of the journey. They will have to stay in most of the time and avoid crowds. They have to flush her lines once a day.  But hopefully all goes well and we'll be praying no mishaps happen at home, that her ANC counts get up to where they need to be and the results from the biopsy are positive!


Eric and Jenny said...

Oh dear I would have been swooning over that guy too, my goodness!

I am so happy for you guys to all be home together for a few days. Enjoy every second of your time together, that little story of Faye and Nixon just had me crying. Just a little bump in the road is all this is, one day soon little Faye can mother her little brother to her heart's content all day long. Beautiful pictures, Nick your mom does a great job.

Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

Thats right Faye...Play hard to get! :)

Love it!

Have FUN!!!!

Piano Mom said...

I am so happy Faye gets to go home between rounds. This is the much needed break that the whole family needs. This is a special precious time for your whole family to be together. The rounds of chemo can get so taxing and long being apart. I am very happy Faye is doing so well. We think of your family and continually pray for you.

Love Jill Hughes
(mom of 2 year old Erin, AML survivor,

Thiago & Teri said...

So glad you all are getting this chance to be together. I bet you have never been so glad to see "home" before. All together, I love it. The binki moment makes me cry, alot of this does actually. Oh the trials you are overcoming, you are inspiring me every second of every day. Enjoy this time together, give that girl a kiss.

Hey Stace, I don't want to call and bug you right now...but if you think of it will you email me your I have stuff for you, need to get it sent or little Nixon will outgrow it. haha.

Love ya-

Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

I'm so glad Faye was able to go home, even if it's for a little bit! Stacey, she looks just like you, it's really cute! I love that she's riding her bike out to the car, what a little doll! I bet it's nice being home as a family, enjoy your time together!

Erin said...

It was so good to see you Stacey for a minute the other day! And I am SO GLAD you guys are able to have faye home for a few days and get some much needed home time! You really need to frame that second to last picture of her on her bike riding out to the car that is such a priceless little photo! Good luck this week and enjoy every minute!

Erin P

Loves said...

Faye looked so happy to go home. I was going to call but I thought I would let you all enjoy this precious time together. I can't wait for Tueday. I am so glad for the blog so I can stay informed. Boot camp was a lot of fun. Thanks Katie. See you soon. Love Grandma Love

katie ellis said...

Love that going home outfit. Where can I get one in my size? SO happy for this little break you get!!

Ashley and Devan said...

What a blessing to have her home for a bit. I am so happy that you guys could spend some special family time together. I love Faye's going home outfit, she is one stylish girl : )

Amy Martin said...

Yeah! So glad Faye is home.