Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

See You Later Alligator!!

Well after:
134 Days at the Hospital
152 Days Total
125 Lab Draws plus
15 Blood Transfusions
30 Platelet Ttransfusions
4 Bone Marrow Biopsy's
4 Lumbar Punctures
4 EKGs
5 Echo cardiograms
7 X-Rays
2 CT Scans
4 Rounds of Chemo

This Little Girls Future is Looking Super Bright!
(When my friend Jenny came to stay with us and watch the boys, one weekend her and I got to do a little shopping, I found these PJ's on the clearance rack at Gymboree and just knew I needed to have them for Faye.  We both got a little teary just thinking about this and how much more it means to my sweet little Faye! I have been hanging on to them, and Nick and I gave them to her for her first night of staying home!)

None of this could have been possible with the amazing Nurses and Doctors at Texas Children's!  When Faye first got there she wouldn't say anything to anyone, but by the time the party was over, she was giving hugs, high fives, and taking pictures! 

 One last hospital dressing change to send us on our way!  Also at first Faye would scream the whole time this was being done, now when they walk in she says to them "I am going to be tough!"

 "Big Love" they came every Thursday with carts of stuff for the kids and families...treats, toys, and personal hygiene stuff.  Faye loved when these guys came, and they were always so generous!  These people are Awesome!
 One last weigh in...imagine at first it was such a chore to get Faye to even stand on this she just hops right up!
 Andrea...Nurse Practitioner from he purple team!    She will sorely be missed...we Loved our Purple team.  They have different teams of physicians on the floor with a different color to label each team. We got spoiled by having them switch us to the purple team every time we would get readmitted.  It was nice having the same people come check out Faye everyday! 

 Faye's new friend Aiden...he recently had a relapse of AML so they are back again!  But these two became quick best friends.  The second he would walk out of his room he would yell "Miss Faye" and be wondering where she was.  This picture brings tears to my eyes.  We were getting ready to go home, while Aiden was getting ready to head down to get a bone marrow biopsy to see if this round of chemo was working.  The first round that Aiden got after his relapse didn't work so they had do a new round of chemo trying different medicines.  As they left I couldn't help but cry.  It made for such a bittersweet day, we were heading home, but the McSpadden family was waiting to hear news that could change everything!  Luckily we found out later that day that the chemo was working!  YEAH...such wonderful news!
 Love this boy Aiden, you cant help but love him.  And his parents, they are wonderful!  They have been great to have around to be able to talk to.  I will miss our walks and talks following Faye and Aiden around  the halls!
 Stephanie (another Nurse practitioner from the purple team)  Giving Faye a "WAY TO GO" high five! 
 One last hug to send us on our way!
And one Final shot to say.....WE DID IT! 
I think its funny to look at this picture compared to our first pictures!  At first we were geared up ready to go, but these last pictures you can tell this was wearing on us!  Especially towards the end I would just tell Nick "I need a vacation".  But being home is just as good as any vacation!  Its been super fun being at home. I will post tomorrow about the Welcome home party, and the fun we have been having!


Britt said...

Im SO glad yall are home for good now! Always praying for yall!

The Allen's

Emily said...

Yeah for Faye! So glad you guys can be home together again! You guys are awesome.

Peggy said...

Hooray! You did it! What a wonderful day!

Keri Oke said...

ahhh thats terrific. "see ya NEVER alligator" way to show that alligator whos boss. Ill pray you wont have to ever be invited to his party again. enjoy your return to home with your friends and fmaily.

Jen said...

I am so happy for Faye and for your family to be home together again!! I'll keep praying for you guys. Enjoy your time home and getting back into your "normal" again.

Sharp Family said...

hip hip hooray!!!!! Yeah she's home!!!!! We will continue praying for that sweet girl to stay healthy and OUT of the hospital for good!!!!!

Piano Mom said...

YES! Home is the BEST! And to think, you won't have to go back! I hope that all continues to go well for Faye and that she continues to stay in remission. If you ever come to Utah, PLEASE tell us so we can meet you guys. I hope that you've been able to work out getting accepted into the make-a-wish foundation so that you can get that much needed vacation and have something to look forward to! We love you guys.

Eric and Jenny said...

I loved that day so much when we found those sweet pajamas. I still get teary eyed just thinking about it. What a special special girl, I love her so much.

I bet you are just loving being home all together again for good....and sleeping in your own beds. I can't imagine what that must have felt like having all three of your babies home safe and sound.

Prayers are with you that that naughty cancer will stay away from our sweet Faye. Oh and Stace you look so beautiful in that last picture there, absolutely beautiful.

Cute Carbines said...

You look gorgeous in that picture! I am SOOOO excited right now! I got teary reading about Aiden. I love you guys!

Ashley and Devan said...

Wow, this post makes me cry. I cant imagine the joy you must feel having her home. I am so happy the she is doing well. You sure have an amazing little girl and an incredible little family.

Ryan and Hetz said...

WOW!! Congrats!! The future is very bright for your family. I'm so excited!!

Lark (SparkyLarky)@ Lark's Country Heart said...

I am so Happy for your whole family! What a great time for all of you to be together again...just in time for all the Holidays!

You are are such a wonderful example to me and my family!
With much love in our hearts, thank you for sharing your journey with us!


Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

Yay! That's amazing! I'm so glad you all are able to go home! Keep us updated on her recovery!

Summer Blackhurst said...

I am so glad you are home now! As always you are in our prayers :)

Dan & Staci said...

Hurray! Congratulations! How fun to have your family back in one place and under one roof. We are so happy for you and love you guys lots!

Katie Ellis said...

Faye is so amazing and strong and her future is definately bright! Love her and y'all so much!!

Holly said...

So happy for you all!! Faye is my hero and I can't wait to see her sweet little face in Primary soon. You and Nick are my heroes too. Love you guys.