Three-year-old Faye was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia on April 11, 2011. After 135 days in the hospital, Faye was able to spend 3 years at home. On September 5th 2014 she was told that she had relapsed. She was able to achieve a second remission and had a bone marrow transplant on Oct 17th 2014.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This is when Faye first got to leave her room last week.

The Pink Car!

Just relaxin' eating some ice cream.

Super Faye is STRONG!

Faye's brothers were tested for a bone marrow match on Thursday. Mitchell was super brave. Didn't cry or whine and was a big hit with all the nurses. Faye's doctors said that Faye is classified in the intermediate risk category of AML of three categories (low, intermediate, high). They cautioned to not put too much stock into the classification since some kids in the low category have not done well and some in the high category have done very well. Because of this classification, if any immediate family member is a match they recommend a bone marrow transplant. If no immediate family member is a match they will continue to do chemo and evaluate. The success rate of the transplant is much higher with an immediate family member match. Siblings are the most likely match and parents are rarely a match.

These two really are the best of friends. During the week they start to really miss each other and like to talk on the phone.

The little gang all together!

Cruising the halls.

Friday she had her last day of chemo for Round 1!

Making the best of the IV stand's cumbersome presence.

Hair cut day! ...Preparing to find short-haired clumps instead of long-haired clumps!

Mom and Dad are feeling anxious and a little emotional at this point. This was Faye's FIRST HAIR CUT!

Almost 4 and this little girl has never had a hair cut! Her hair grows slowly so it was hard to see it all go. She did well with it, though. She just sat still and was so nice for the lady.

Finished product. When she looked in the mirror she said "I look like Mitchell!" :)

After another platelet transfusion Sunday morning, the nurses decided she could be off the IV for Easter to do the egg hunt. What a difference it made! She loved being unplugged for a bit.

On Easter the whole family got to spend some together-ness.

That's more like it.

Aunt Juju was SO happy to be there!

New hospital clothes for easy IV access and style! (Good job Joell!)

A family put on an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids on the 9th floor. They also gave them Easter buckets with goodies and the Easter Bunny took pictures with the kids. (Don't have that one. They used their own camera and printed them out.)

Getting in some little brother time. (Who, by the way, is the best baby I've ever met!)

When I talked to Stacey the other day she explained how nice it is to see Faye acting somewhat normal again. It has been SO long since she's seen her walking around and playing and even jumping. So, the chemo must be doing something right! mmmm More poison please!


Jessica said...

I LOVE her hair, she looks just beautiful!!! I am glad that you got to spend Easter together. Mitchell is such a handsome boy, I can tell Faye just loves him.

Lark (SparkyLarky) said...

Oh I am so glad Faye got to do the Egg Hunt. And I have to say I am loving the new "rocker Chic" hair style. :)

I will have to look for some hair bows & clip to send next.

Have a better day & know there are people out there, who are praying for your family!

Trish - Sweetology101 said...

Found you thru Lark's blog. So glad I did. I will add my prayers for a safe journey for your family. I agree, she looks awesome in her new chic cut! Love Trisha

Eric and Jenny said...

Oh you guys she looks so precious and beautiful, her hair cut is perfect. Though I am sure it hurt your hearts lots to see her long hair go, just think next time around it will grow so fast and long. You hear of that happening you know.

The family picture is beautiful, what sweet faces, I love you all. Oh and her new little hospital outfit is delightful, what a cute idea! Stylish yet functional, perfect!

Thiago & Teri said...

Oh my gosh...what a little sweetie!! How would it be to have a face that beautiful, short hair, long doesn't matter, she is so adorable. And stace, are you sure you just had a baby and are living out of a look so pretty!!! It was nice to talk to you today, hopefully that doesn't bug you. Just like to hear your voice once in awhile instead of just comments. So glad round 1 is done and that she is doing so well. Love to you all...Teri

Dan & Staci said...

She does look so much like Mitchell with her haircut. So cute. I am glad that you were all able to spend time together for Easter. We love you guys so much! You guys all look great!

katie ellis said...

Cute post! Looks like she's doing great. I can't beleive Stacey made a funny face. I'm very impressed!

Melissa, Benton, and Cambree said...

She is so cute. I love her response once her hair was cut, looking like Mitchell. She looks darling with short hair, I can't believe it was her first hair cut. I can understand though since Cambree has hardly any hair, might take her awhile like Faye. Your family photos are so cute, glad you could all be together for Easter! Love you guys! Melissa

hoLLY said...

love her new little haircut!!! she is too adorable!

The Cooper's said...

Just made me so emotional to read this. She looks adorable with that haircut and seems to be doing really well! Your family pictures are beautiful- what an amazing family you have Stace! Praying for all of you daily. Love you!!

Holly said...

Faye, you are beautiful and so strong!! I love your new haircut and your Easter outfit is soooo cute too! Still praying for you every day. :)

Sher said...

Your whole family just amazes me! You seem so upbeat and positive. At least in the pictures. What an example of faith you are to us. Faye continues to be in our prayers. We love you!

Wildthreeplus2 said...

Hey Julia, we have a gift to send to Faye. What address is best to send to? Love the pictures, what a gorgeous family. Sending love and prayers your way! Melyssa Smith (

Isabel said...

I absolutely love her new haircut, she looks beautiful! I am also glad that you all got together and she got to run around! Hugs and kisses, you are all so awesome and strong!!

Aleese and Scott said...

I love her cute purple outfit and she looks beautiful with her new haircut!!

Piano Mom said...

Wow, these pictures are so dear to my heart. They express exactly what we went through too. Nick, I am so grateful you left a message on our blog

I hate that anyone else out there has a child with AML. AML changes EVERYTHING about your life as you already know. Our family will add yours to our list of cancer friends who need prayers.

Our little girl was 2 when she was diagnosed with AML, but she's almost 3 now. Our treatment lasted 7 1/2 months and her two siblings were not a bone marrow match - she was intermediate risk too, so she just did the 5 rounds of chemotherapy. She had AML type M7 (Megakaryocytic). She has been off treatment for 4 months and is so healthy and strong. Her once thin blonde hair is now thick, brown, and growing as it never grew before.

I hope all the best for your family as you go through this very difficult challenge.


White Folk said...

Nick and Stac,
We love you two and your sweet stinkin' kids! Seriously, even under the given circumstances could they BE any CUTER?! And I am on the marrow donor list so give me a holla if I match, and we'll pack up and roll out to Texas for a visit! We're keeping yall in our prayers and your names on the temple roll!

kcintexas said...

Great pictures and wonderful hair cut! Looks like a beautiful little pixie.
Thinking of you every day and praying for you all!
Karen Clarida

Wilde Mom said...

Love the new haircut. Looks like she is making the best of her situation. What a trooper and great example for us all!!
Sarah Wilde

Wildthreeplus2 said...

Just sent a package to Faye today! The post office said it should arrive in about 2 days, we are so excited! :)

lea said...

Oh... my heart goes out to you. We will be praying for your cute family.
Last May, when our baby boy was only 6 weeks old, our little girl was diagnosed with ALL. Its been almost a year of treatment and there have definitely been some rough times, but most of all we feel like our eyes have been opened to the goodness of those around us. I can tell from your blog you are noticing the same...
I would love to help you in any way I can... I know AML is very different from ALL, so our journeys are different, but I have an amazing friend whos daughter just finished treatment from AML 4 months ago. If you are interested her blog is: She has a very uplifting blog... also, my blog address is I found your blog through Erin Love...

Crystal Collier said...

What a little angel! It's been so long since we've heard anything about your family, but wow. We'll definitely keep Faye, and the rest of you in our prayers. Wish we could do more.

If it's any comfort, my older brother Mark was diagnosed with Leukemia at 3 yrs old. They beat it, and other than his "zipper" scar (that's what he calls it), no one would ever know.

Sending our love your way!